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wow wow crainte I just can't even it's perfect and beautiful you are amazing thank you for your contributions to fandom society

omg thank you so much ily sweetheart <33

((sidenote: i know people were/are having trouble accessing the chapter and i emailed support earlier today so hopefully they’ll get back 2 me asap!))

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HERE is the new chapter, i know it didn’t upload properly before

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Bland tysta kullar och dystra slätter - XXIV & XXV
© Heathen Harnow - please do not remove credit

does anyone have any idea as to why will not allow me to update?? it shows that i have added a new chapter but will not allow you to view the new chapter which is lk„, kind of the whole point

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oldboy (2003) dir. chan-wook park

because the between you is that as the water washes the blood from you both, he doesn’t care and you still don’t feel clean.  (listen

amazon wishlist for Ferguson protestors



hey someone organized a wishlist of things for the protestors in ferguson (stuff like gas masks, food, drinks, umbrellas, earplugs, etc.) so help out if you can!!

if you can afford to buy something from the list pleas do if not please reblog this

The Secret History by Donna Tartt book covers set (not really.. but click for bigger sizes!)

Rosa by Grimes
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Grimes // Rosa

"You’re already our leader. You have to accept that now."

"How can I lead if I have two good arms?"


a cop just threatened to shoot the livestream operator in the face please continue to boost the stream links all over so that these journalists life and death efforts reach as many people as possible

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Who are some of your favorite villains or anti-heroes?

crane (obviously), henry winter, india stoker, regulus black, hannibal lecter and natalie dormer’s moriarty! 

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